Think! and ACTION !!!

“Think! only about what you want to achieve. Your thoughts generate your reality. + ACTION !!!”
Jacek ‘Hodża’ Paciorek
  • Think 🧠… by yourself
  • Learn … constantly (read 📚 books, old ones 📜 too)
  • Analyze ⁉️… independently
  • ACT ‼‼ ️… definitely
  • Work with your Master Mind, Super Mind, Trust of Brains (create it, even virtually):

NOTE: eat optimally according to the principles developed by Dr. Jan Kwasniewski (over half a century ago), without it your brain “does not work” (not only optimally).

Optimal nutrition Dr. Jan Kwaśniewski

A timely quote (i.e. always up-to-date):

“Predators don’t get sick.”
Dr. Jan Kwaśniewski

The above has nothing to do with the New Year 😉 so in defiance I put this on 1st January 😃

Think ❗️ and ACT‼ ️‼

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