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Why did humans commit the so-called “original sin”?
The need for nutrients and energy
Principles of Optimal Nutrition
Minerals and vitamins
Why is it profitable to use Optimal Nutrition?
Best products for humans (arranged according to their biological value)
Inedible products for humans
The most important thing in Optimal Nutrition
Ten Commandments for Beginners of Optimal Nutrition
One Commandment for the Optimals. No more is needed
Examples of meals for the Optimals
Value concept AfyaYai unit


Each man-made technical device usually has an attached operating manual, which is shorter and less complicated in the case of simpler devices and very extensive in the case of complicated ones. Spare parts, type of fuel or energy that must be supplied from outside, and various additives, without which the device cannot work.

Man can only write a manual for the equipment that he makes himself, but he cannot write a good manual for things that he has not made himself. The instruction manual for a modern aircraft consists of thick volumes of diagrams, descriptions, operating rules, inspections, and instructions on how to proceed with possible damage or disturbances in operation.
All, even the most complicated man-made devices are very primitive in relation to devices and technologies created by Nature, God or gods (aliens) – as others want.

One human brain is more complex than the entire telecommunications network on Earth. Over 12 billion cells, each connected to at least ten thousand others. The brain functions in a maximally miniaturized system, powered mainly by electricity, with the possibility of using additional energy sources in the case of basic energy deficiencies (ketone bodies, free fatty acids, glucose), controlled by electromagnetic energy, thanks to which each cell of the entire human body has direct communication with everyone other cells, with the possibility of wire communication (nerve fibers), chemical – hormones, neurotransmitters and other substances produced in the body supplied from outside. This is a very simplified diagram of the human brain alone.

Priests of various religions, philosophers, psychologists, sociologists and other haunted creators of ideology, including the most stupid and criminal from the dawn of time, try to compose different manuals for the human brain and for the entire human body. Nothing works for them, because they cannot get out. Not these materials and not these technologies – this is not the way.

For 40 years the Jews were led across the desert to have to eat only manna, which was strictly rationed and supplied daily. The priests did not eat manna, because there would be no reason with them, and warriors would not be warriors. There is a detailed description of this machine in the book of Zochar. Even her schematic was recently built. Researchers working on this topic concluded that the manna was made from a protozoan – chlorella – grown in a large tank. They overlooked the fact that chlorella and any products made from it are unfit for human consumption.

In order to produce all (almost) ingredients necessary for the human body, energy, water, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon and small additions of minerals and vitamins are needed. All of these elements are available.

In the manna-making machine, the source of energy was a nuclear reactor. Water was taken from the air with a large, cooled bowl, the remaining ingredients were added to each new portion by the priests operating the machine. Manny was produced about 2.5 tons a day, and on one day of the week about 5 tons a day. It was a manna that did not deteriorate as quickly as the usual, because it would last for two days.

The priests received detailed instructions on how to use the machine, were additionally protected against radiation, were given strict health and safety regulations and were trained in the use of the device. The machine was carefully hidden, possibly even destroyed. It would be too much of a threat to the priests of any religion and to the religions themselves. But what could not be hidden remained. It is about detailed descriptions of radiation sickness, from which people who did not comply with occupational health and safety regulations fell, from which they fell ill and healed, or fell ill and died. These records are preserved in the Bible. It was only when people themselves developed nuclear technologies and saw the effects of ionizing radiation on humans themselves that the descriptions of the “strange” disease became understandable and obvious. The Philistines, after acquiring this machine, viewed it just like monkeys watching an airplane abandoned in the jungle. The effects would be similar in the apes to those of the Philistines if the plane was carrying radioactive material.

There are many examples of objects and technologies on earth that man could not produce. Numerous descriptions of them have survived.

When you read a lot, you find a lot. When you read with a key, there’s even more*. Official science simply ignores everything that it cannot understand, covers it with silence, rejects it as non-existent. Such behavior is a property of “sluggish reason”, as Emanuel Kant put it.

According to the Bible, it was the Gods who created man in their image and likeness, that is, with the help of their genetic material. “Let us create man in our image and likeness”, it was written in the Book of Genesis. The form used is “we” – we will create, in our image. Based on analyzes of genetic material found in mitochondria, carried only by women, science presumes that all humans had one mother, or that there were several mothers of sisters.

Since it was the Gods who created man, only they could give him the correct “Human Service Manual.” And people received such an instruction. As long as they strictly obeyed it, it was very good, there was Paradise on Earth, without any diseases or actions to the detriment of individuals of its own kind, for such behavior cannot exist in a healthy species. Nor can there be any acts to the detriment of one’s own species. Disease and evil arose with agriculture (Cain). All diseases and misfortunes that fell on people were and are the result of failure to follow the instruction manual received from God (Gods). Departure from it by distant ancestors of man in the Bible is called “original sin”. The effects of this sin are still felt. Only in the announced “Kingdom of God on Earth” will these effects subside after some time. It takes several generations for them to fully recede.

Original sin caused the greatest havoc in the minds of people. These ravages are the cause of all disease, wars, and other calamities that plague mankind. One of the two thinking people who happened to be in XX century knew about it – prof. Julian Aleksandrowicz, when he wrote:

“All social, economic, political and health difficulties have their cause in the defective structure of the faulty functioning of the human brain, and the cause of this cause is ecological factors.”
prof. Julian Aleksandrowicz

Ecological, that is, external, that is, possible to be removed.

Science, politicians, philosophers, journalists, priests of various religions do not know why people get sick and why they kill other people in and outside of wars. And yet only these people prepared and formulated recipes for health, peace and a safe life, or abundance. These are bad prescriptions because the results of their practical use are bad. People with minds capable of formulating only bad prescriptions cannot themselves find a recipe so that they can find a good prescription. It is not technically possible. It is only possible that if such a prescription appeared from somewhere, everyone must fight it together, and so it is. This has always been the case throughout the entire written history of mankind, and nothing has changed in human minds, in their assessment of reality, and in their behavior.

In order to free humanity from diseases, wars, crimes, all pathology, faith, including religion, it is necessary to cause these phenomena to be causally removed, i.e. to remove the defective structure and function of human brains. This can only be done in one way – by returning to the observance of the man’s instruction manual given to people by “Your Creators” (priest Hanka).

Until the basic sciences had to be developed to a findable level, this manual could not be found. It only became possible several decades ago.

Basic sciences: philosophy, chemistry, biochemistry are of a high enough level to be able to propose such instruction to people, never impose it. This instruction has been in place since 1968, but there is no way for science and the vast majority of people to read and understand it.

Most people don’t read anything at all. Of those who read, only a few can understand what they have read, and even fewer can draw practical conclusions. This regularity does not depend on the education of the reader. An additional difficulty is the fact that almost everything that people have written so far is only views. Few books of knowledge have been written. The knowledge that I have accumulated, which I have been applying in practice and propagating since 1968, will be quickly understood by people with above-average intelligence and those who are the most frightened, at risk of disability or death, for whom my knowledge (as they say) is their last resort. This knowledge is not a board for those in need – it is a very comfortable and well-stocked lifeboat.

There can only be ONE! instruction manual for yellow, black, red, white, mixed people. ONE! for all people.

“Everything that moves and lives, I gave you for food, and for every vegetable,” his God said to Noah. The God of Moses, after examining the animals living on Earth, excluded from human consumption every one of the animals that brought trichinosis and rabies. And mankind learned about the causes of these diseases only in the last century.

There were no carrots, parsley, leeks, celery or cabbage in the steppe. Nor was there today’s fruit that man grew much later. Our distant ancestors had little possibility of consuming plant-based products that were edible raw.

More information about Optimal Nutrition can be found in the books:

📗 “Optimal Nutrition” published in 1990 and 1999 – second edition, extended and supplemented;
📗 “Optimal Diet” – 1996
📗 “Fat Life” – 1997
📗 “Cookbook for the Optimal” – 1998
📗 “Dziennik Zachodni”, published in Katowice, with over 400 articles replied to sick lists.

The proposed “Brief Human Service Manual” is written so that even less educated people can understand the knowledge contained therein. Understand and apply for the benefit of yourself, your families and all mankind. If you cannot understand, at least believe it. Optimal Nutrition remarkably improves the structure and function of every human brain, so that people stop believing and want to know. They search and find out.

Most people don’t read anything at all. Of those who read, only a few can understand what they have read, and even fewer can draw practical conclusions. This regularity does not depend on the education of the reader**. An additional difficulty is the fact that almost everything that people have written so far is only views. Few books of knowledge have been written. The knowledge that I have accumulated, which I have been applying in practice and propagating since 1968, will be quickly understood by people with above-average intelligence and those who are the most frightened, at risk of disability or death, for whom my knowledge (as they say) is their last resort. This knowledge is not a board for those in need – it is a very comfortable and well-stocked lifeboat.

The same laws that are in force in the construction of technical devices for their operation apply to living organisms, including humans. When you want to live a healthy, dignified, long and human life, you must obey these laws. After all, you can buy a new car, you cannot buy your own body for any money. You just have to take care of it.

We have no influence on the plan of the organism’s structure placed in the genes of our parents. However, we have an influence on what, from what material, for how long, with what methods and how the body will be built.

Science doesn’t even know what is good and what is bad for man. And it is good when a child grows very slowly, matures as late as possible, weighs the least, and gains short stature and low body weight as an adult. This is good for the individual and for the human species. It is very bad for girls to start menstruating before the age of 7. It would be good if the first menstruation occurred in the age of 21-27, as it was in England when small and muddy England ruled half the world.

These are the most important matters for individuals of the human race, without knowing their causes, advising anyone anything must be harmful.

“Optimal Nutrition” was published in English. “Optimal Diet” has been published in Czech and German, editions in English, Hungarian and Russian are being prepared, it will be translated into other languages, and it should be published in French this year. The rest of the books are in translation.

I care for every human being, but for Poles as if a little more. I want them to be the first to use my knowledge. This book is intended primarily for them. The scope of information contained therein is sufficient for the proper use of Optimal Nutrition. If you want to know more, please refer to the above-mentioned publications.

O God, you knows – one of the Optimal ones wrote to me in the leaf. I know and I hope others will want to know.

Why did humans commit the so-called “original sin”?

Earth is not an ideal planet for the development of intelligent life forms. In order for humans to function as beings who call themselves rational, they were given a way to digest food products outside the body and to concentrate nutrients in the smallest possible volume.

It is fire that consumes and concentrates. Only man can use fire to improve the nutritional value of food. It was good until man used fire to digest products that were RAW edible to him. Culinary treatment improves their value. It got bad when a man treated with fire products for him that were raw and impossible to eat, which without fire a man would never eat. Fire was good when it digested products of the group edible raw for man, and it became bad when with its help man turned products into inedible ones into edible ones.
There are herbivores and carnivores. They are also omnivores. Man has always been a super-predator, although he did not have to hunt. He only needed bird eggs and buffalo bone marrow.

What if man did not use fire to digest food? It would be much better, the human species would be a healthy species, but not completely rational. Traces of our ancestors in Africa were found only where the stones needed to split the marrow bones were found. Man, eating eggs and marrow, lived in Paradise, he did not know what hunger and thirst were, he did not get sick. He lived many times longer than he is today.

With Optimal Nutrition edible for humans are products that could be eaten raw, while raw foods were edible for humans, practically only products of animal origin. From plant products, only oilseeds are edible and quite tasty for humans: hazelnuts, walnuts and other types of nuts, as well as coconut, sunflower, sesame seeds and olives.

Oilseeds contain mainly vegetable fat more or less saturated with hydrogen, protein of low value and carbohydrates mainly in the form of fiber, which humans cannot digest and which must be ignored in calculating the amount of carbohydrates consumed daily.

People committed original sin because fire created the conditions necessary for its fulfillment. Without fire, it was not possible to eat products of plant origin for humans in raw, inedible form.

With Optimal Nutrition inedible for humans are those products that cannot be eaten raw. Products that have been produced artificially from raw inedible raw materials such as sugar, sweets, sweetened liquids, and potato flour are also inedible. Honey is inedible.

There is coded information in the Bible that gives the immediate cause of people’s committing “original sin”.

The need for nutrients and energy

People are tall and short, heavy and weighing little; live in hot or cold climates; they work more, less or not at all; they work mentally or physically; they move a lot or sit all day in offices, cars in front of the TV; they drink soft or hard water; sleep cool, with windows open or warm; smoke up to 20 cigarettes a day or more than 40; they drink one beer a day or a glass of cognac or drink more; earn little or enough; they have a bad atmosphere at work, and a heartburning wife (husband) at home, they can have an interesting job, and at home they can have peace and respite; they live in the mountains or in the lowlands. In dry or humid climates. Depending on the factors mentioned above, their organisms need for protein, energy, oxygen, vitamins and minerals. Therefore, recommending a 100-calorie diet to all patients means that in practice everyone eats differently, even though they eat the same. In mass catering, e.g. in barracks, each soldier eats differently. The little one will eat a portion of sausage and half a slice of bread, the large one will eat the same portion of sausage and 6 slices of bread. In theory, they eat the same, and they practically eat differently. Also, among the household members, one eats soup with bread, the other without bread, and another does not eat soup at all. One eats more meat and fat, the other eats lean. Equally, people would only eat if all the products they eat were thoroughly mixed and homogenized so that 100 grams of such a product contained the same amount of protein, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. And even with such a diet, all the other factors mentioned above influence what the body does with it and how much it eats. That is why every person has a unique metabolism and an impossible to repeat body structure.

Optimal Nutrition is based on the laws of basic science, which are valid and confirmed in all nature and in all technical devices. Not every car is equally good, not every car burns a lot, breaks down or breaks down, lasts for many years or can be scrapped after a few years.

In the genes passed on by the parents there are plans for the construction of the entire organism. There are many such plans in man. Which of them will be used depends only on the external conditions, because all the processes taking place in the body are controlled directly or indirectly by the ingredients provided in the food. Practically the organism is made up of what it receives through the bloodstream in utero and what it eats throughout life later on. Depending on what it receives, it is built with the best materials slowly and for a long time, it obtains a low body weight, short stature that are most beneficial to individuals of the human species. Or it can be built from bad materials by bad workers, by bad methods, quickly, to grow tall and be heavy, which is bad for the individual and the human species.

Better to live well and healthy and for a long time than to live badly and sickly and for a short time. Tall, over 210 cm lived on average less than 42 years, short, under 165 cm lived on average over 85 years – according to research conducted years ago in the USA. We can influence what our children will be, what we will be. And we can influence effectively mainly through nutrition.

Principles of Optimal Nutrition

Life is protein. What protein, such life. We try to eat the most valuable protein, the most chemically similar to the proteins of the human body. Protein from bread, potatoes, cereals, corn, vegetables, fruit is not similar to the proteins of the human body and is not suitable for building a biologically valuable organism.

In addition to protein, energy is needed. The best energy is the electricity found in batteries, such as phosphorus compounds. Most of these compounds are found in chicken egg yolk, bone marrow, cerebellum, liver, kidneys, meat and hearts. Protein is also the most valuable in these products.

The best “fuel” in technology and in the body is hydrogen. From 1 gram of hydrogen, you can get 34.3 kcal, from 1 gram of carbon – 7.87 kcal, from 1 gram of glucose, only 3.73 kcal when it is burned and much less when it is processed in other ways. Man can obtain energy only from the combustion of hydrogen or carbon, which are bound in organic compounds. It cannot burn hydrogen or carbon directly; it cannot burn petrol, oil or technical gases.

Some organic compounds contain more hydrogen, others less. The former are better than the latter. Eat first and limit those that only use coal to burn.

The greatest amount of hydrogen is in the amino acid choline, which has 3 CH3 groups, i.e. there are 3 hydrogen atoms per 1 carbon atom. The greatest amount of choline is found exactly in those products that contain the most accumulators – high-energy phosphorus compounds. These batteries can only be found in animal products. In fully hydrogen-saturated fatty acids with long chains there are 2 hydrogen atoms per carbon atom. Animal fats, which are maximally hydrogenated and hard, are theoretically and practically the best “fuel” for humans. When eaten in natural animal tissues, they also contain everything needed to burn them in the body: vitamins, minerals, enzymes (machines) in exactly the right amounts and in the best proportions. So, lard is always better than lard and this is better than all vegetable fats. Fats are worse as fuel the less they contain hydrogen and the more unburned (already burnt) components they have. Chemically, and in fact, the worst fats are evening primrose oil, which contains over 80% of unsaturated fats.

According to modern biochemistry, unsaturated fats are not needed for the adult body, and in a minimum amount they are indicated for growing organisms. The addition of unsaturated fats, 1-2% of unsaturated fats and 98-99% of saturated fats is recommended (Harper’s Biochemistry).

What happens to unsaturated fats? Outside the organism of unsaturated, the place of missing hydrogen enters oxygen and fats go rancid, that is, they go bad. Far more dangerous effects are caused by unsaturated fats in the human body, where oxides, peroxides, superoxides are also formed, as a result hydrogen peroxide kills all living things. In the human body, unsaturated fats are the cause of inflammation, tissue damage, atherosclerosis, and premature aging of the body (Harper’s Biochemistry).

Biochemistry is an exact science. Biochemists only write what they know and what can be checked in experience. Doctors say and write what they believe or what they think. And for years it seems to them exactly the opposite of what is. The sick do not listen to biochemists, they listen to doctors, and they, in turn, do not know biochemistry, cannot know it, nor would they be able to draw correct conclusions from it.

The human body also needs a small amount of carbohydrates. The body can produce carbohydrates from proteins and glycerol, but it is tedious work and it is better to provide the necessary amount of carbohydrates in food. Most preferably, an adult consumes about 0.8 grams of carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight. Babies need a little more – around 3 grams per kilogram of body weight in babies, gradually less with age.

Carbohydrates are carbon with water. For 180 grams of carbohydrate, there are 72 grams of carbon and 108 grams of water. Such fuel is not even suitable for a steam engine, much less for a human being. Red blood cells, the brain and peripheral nerves need some carbohydrates, but these are small amounts.

When a person eats too little carbohydrate, so-called ketone bodies may appear in the blood and urine, which quickly disappear when carbohydrate intake is increased to the recommended level or temporarily slightly more. When a person eats about 50 grams of carbohydrates a day to 100 grams a day, nothing bad happens, only the body is slightly weaker. Never exceed carbohydrate intake above 150g / day.

The key to understanding Optimal Nutrition is the proportion between protein, fat and carbohydrate, as in a car building parts, fuel, oils, other additives are also provided in certain proportions. The car does not need 20 wheels. Man doesn’t need too much protein. It needs it less than the consumed protein is more biologically valuable, i.e. it is more chemically similar to the body’s proteins.

Minerals and vitamins

Natural products of animal origin contain as many vitamins and minerals as are exactly needed for the human body.

The need for vitamins and minerals varies with each different model of nutrition. With the best nutrition, the body’s need for protein, fats, calories, vitamins, and minerals is the smallest, and it should be so. Because the human body does nothing more than what it must do. It is wisdom to deal with him so that he has to do as little as possible. No vitamins, minerals or nutrients are needed. Everything that is best and necessary is to be found in what a person eats. Table salt is not needed. Cattle, goats and sheep need the addition of salt. Predators don’t need it.

Vitamins and the so-called microelements in the body most often function as components of enzymes, i.e. compounds that enable the so-called metabolism. The more stupid work the body has to do, the more calories a person has to eat, and the greater the body’s need for certain vitamins and minerals. The body has to do stupid work the more it receives proteins in general, the more this protein differs from the body’s proteins, the less phosphorus compounds (charged accumulators) it gets, the less energy it gets from hydrogen and more from carbon.

Man does not need iron. It needs hemoglobin to bind and transport oxygen to tissues, it needs myoglobin to bind oxygen in muscles, it needs other, ready-made enzymes containing iron in its composition.

Most of the complex chemicals found in animal products are identical to those in the human body. It is better to provide these ready-made compounds in the diet.

The small amount of important chemical compounds found in plant-based products is identical to the compounds of the human body. It is not possible to adjust plant products to the needs of the human body. Vegetarians can only vegetate, they cannot live their lives to the full.

When using Optimal Nutrition, table salt is practically not added to the dishes, and salty products become unpalatable. Most of the meats are too salty. In the initial period of Optimal Nutrition, you can add a small amount of salt, later salted products do not taste good. Optimal Nutrition does not have to be varied, you can eat almost the same every day.

“As long as the elite in England ate eggs and bacon for breakfast, England ruled half the world. England stopped ruling when the English people ‘Europeanized themselves in eating and drinking’.”
Frederick Engels

Why is it profitable to use Optimal Nutrition ?

Simply because human life is healthy, beautiful, prosperous and long when it is used. After a few or a dozen or so months of Optimal Nutrition in people who previously eat differently, after reconstruction, “renovation” and adaptation of the body to the most favorable model of nutrition, human brain activity becomes healthy and these people (like gods) start to be able to distinguish good from evil. When they can do so, they must choose only what is good. They learn quickly not to spend stupidly, and with low income they can use Optimal Nutrition for surprisingly little money. If the same thing, or even better, can be bought for a dollar or for $ 200-500 and more, why spend a lot more for the same or even worse. When you can buy a good car for $ 1,000, why buy the same or worse for a million dollars? In general, people can buy cars, but they cannot buy food according to the same criteria.

In the “Cookbook”, for the Optimal ones, there is a table informing about how much the same can be bought in each currency, depending on the product in which the same nutrients are purchased.

The Optimal ones quickly stop spending money on medicines and doctors’ visits, they do not need surgery, they are less likely to be involved in road accidents because they have better reflexes, imagination, less aggression and drive as if they NEVER have right-of-way and NEVER fall asleep at the wheel. They do not commit crimes and misdemeanors because they know for themselves that they must not act to the detriment of others. Out of several million Optimal ones, I heard only one case that the Optimal one was imprisoned for receiving stolen goods, but as he himself admitted, he used feeding inaccurately and with breaks.

Man stops being afraid completely, because there is nothing. Only the slave is afraid. Optimal Nutrition is a causal treatment of human diseases. Science and medicine knows almost no causes of disease, even when it thinks it knows – it just seems to it. It is not viruses or bacteria that are the cause of infectious diseases, but it is the poor immunity of the human body, which is unable to defend itself against the germ. The Optimal ones do not suffer from flu, colds, strep throat, herpes, pneumonia, bronchitis, gall bladder or urinary tract infections. Patients with several diseases, after switching to Optimal Nutrition, can quickly get rid of them. Almost everyone with type I and type II diabetes can heal themselves after a few days, weeks, sometimes (in older) months. Exceptionally, only in those few patients whose pancreas does not release insulin at all, low doses of it should be administered, although it is not diabetes anymore and the patient is not at risk of developing diabetic complications.

All diseases are caused by nutritional errors called “original sin”, the authors of the Bible knew.

“From the food that is eaten ALL human diseases are made.”

The scholars (priests) in ancient Egypt knew this 2500 years ago.

This is knowledge and truth, for truth is correspondence with knowledge. In order not to get sick or to recover from diseases, one should stop eating the foods that produce “all human diseases”, that is, those that God has forbidden people to eat.

Young women using Optimal Nutrition, when they get pregnant, bear it lightly, do not gain weight during pregnancy, have no pregnancy poisoning, give birth to healthy babies, light and short (as it should be) give birth quickly and completely “without pain and torment” as it was in Paradise, he is Optimal now and will be of the human race in the future. Optimal women eat a lot of fatty food and will always breastfeed their babies for a long time. Their children do not know disease.

Optimal Nutrition heals obesity the fastest. The average weight loss is over 6 kilograms per month without any food quantity restrictions, without feeling hungry or thirsty. The exceptions are obese stress-responsive voraciousness, who “lost” the enzyme that releases fatty acids from their own adipose tissue, who lose weight more slowly or do not lose weight at all. But there are sometimes a few to a dozen or so percent of these people. They, too, only lose weight more slowly and have to make some dietary modifications.

Optimal Nutrition heals and “Cures” neurasthenia, coronary artery disease, Buerger’s disease, chronic rheumatism, osteoarthritis, psoriasis, osteoporosis, asthma and other allergic diseases, peptic ulcer, hyperacidity, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, dissolving stones in the gallbladder or in the urinary tract, it causally heals atherosclerosis, hypertension, protects against heart attacks and strokes, prevents cancer or leukemia. If there is time, it heals causally and also heals neoplasms, even inoperable ones. When the disease is very advanced, there is no time for the body to strengthen enough to eliminate the cancer, there is an improvement in the quality of life, pain decreases or disappears, life is always prolonged. This nutrition is also very effective in ALS and ALS – cures are often followed, always improving. It cures Alzheimer’s disease many times and helps a lot. A few years ago, a woman suffering from this highly advanced disease, after two months of Optimal Nutrition, got rid of the disease, and left to work in the USA. She called me saying, “Doctor, save President Reagan. He is sick with what I was sick with. “

I could, but how could I save him, since medicine in the USA is already at such a high level that he does not notice the sick… and he knows everything best. He does not even know that he does not know anything, and the vast majority of those doctors in Poland who got acquainted with my knowledge were able to understand and apply it for themselves and their patients.

Optimal Nutrition quickly heals periodontitis, stops the progression of tooth decay, improves hearing in the hearing impaired, improves eyesight in the poorly sighted – by 1-2 diopters, up to 4 diopters, causes cataract recession.

The Optimal one does not need to cut out tonsils, appendix, gall bladder, stomach, no need to cut off legs in Buerger’s disease or atherosclerosis; quickly removes the symptoms of myocardial hypoxia from the ECG, after a longer time removes the symptoms of ischemia as the atherosclerotic changes recede; quickly treats coronary artery disease and heart failure; eliminates most cardiac arrhythmias; removes respiratory failure – Sometimes it makes surgery for the brain aneurysm or replacing the hip joint with an artificial one unnecessary. The Optimal one never lacks air, even with great efforts, their muscles never hurt after exercise, they never have muscle cramps.

The Optimal skin can be recognized immediately: it is healthy and beautiful. In adolescents suffering from seborrhea and purulent eruptions on the skin, it removes the cause of the disease and the disease itself. It significantly improves the brain’s efficiency and learning ability. In animals, it increases brain volume by an average of 8% in one generation, and learning ability by 40%.

The fastest Optimal Nutrition removes diseases and ailments from the digestive tract – hyperacidity disappears after 1-2 days; peptic ulcer disease disappears after a few days, as well as liver, pancreatic and intestinal problems. It effectively treats cirrhosis of the liver, as well as congestive cirrhosis in patients with chronic hepatitis caused by viral infection, causes disease resolution and normalization of liver tests. Quickly treats fatty liver. Optimal Nutrition is the best model of nutrition for the liver, which is the least loaded with work while it is able to regenerate quickly and repair what was damaged by the previous model of nutrition. It happens that after 3-5 weeks gastrointestinal complaints return. The cause is usually parasites, most often they are lamellae. Then it should be examined, confirmed, poisoned and the symptoms will subside. In patients with gallstone disease, bile ducts and kidney stones, Optimal Nutrition almost always causes the stones to dissolve quickly, which, when reduced enough to fit in the bile or urinary tract, can cause colic. Don’t panic, take antispasmodics and painkillers, and the stone will almost always be excreted and the disease will disappear. The stones usually dissolve after 3-5 weeks in the case of stones in the bag, and in the case of urolithiasis, patients begin to pee with sand, usually after 2-3 weeks of the diet.

Psoriatic lesions regress quickly from the scalp, and from other parts of the body – with many years of psoriasis – you have to wait longer.

It does not happen that Optimal Nutrition does not result in a quick improvement in health, most often noticeable after a week, and more clearly after two weeks.

There are many diseases and it is impossible to describe the influence of Optimal Nutrition on each of them. An organism on an Optimal diet can sometimes do a lot – even impossible to cure, uterine prolapse often resolves without surgery. In girls who are already menstruating, menstruation stops for several years and it should be so. Menstruation often returns after 6-8 years in women who have already had bleeding. Optimal Women usually menopause only after the age of 60, and the menopause period itself passes without major disturbances.

Optimal Nutrition does not help with Parkinson’s disease, but it helps with atherosclerotic, drug-induced and post-inflammatory parkinsonism. It does not help with some genetically determined diseases, but it does help with depression and mental illness. Atherosclerotic, hypertensive and diabetic changes occurring in the nervous system, which can be observed and assessed during the examination of the fundus, disappear slowly, in the elderly, up to 2-3 years. The disappearance of these changes from the fundus is evidence of their disappearance in the arteries of the brain. Patients with atherosclerosis may always experience a heart attack or stroke caused by detached atherosclerotic plaque. In Optimal patients, such complications are uncommon and are milder. After recovery from atherosclerosis, the threat is gone.

Blood coagulation is low, and patients who have previously used anticoagulants should test blood clotting, limit medications, and then discontinue treatment as they become unnecessary. Most medications must be gradually discontinued as they will not be needed and may be harmful. It is best to do it in consultation with a doctor who knows the principles of Optimal Nutrition and recommends them to patients. In patients with hypertension, drugs against this disease can be discontinued after 1-3 days in over 90% of patients. Of course, you have to measure your blood pressure and, if necessary, take medications for some time in smaller doses, and when the pressure is low – stop taking it.

In many diseases, the remission of these diseases is significantly accelerated by the addition of selective currents that I introduced into treatment over 30 years ago and which are the practical use of the theoretical knowledge of prof. Włodzimierz Sedlak, a scientist who was many years ahead of his time. The Polish Association of Optimal Fraternities is named after prof. Włodzimierz Sedlak and slowly transformed into a global one. It also works in Chicago.

Note: patients with type I (insulin-dependent) diabetes and type II diabetes administered on oral drugs or insulin can cure themselves of this disease, but they must know a lot. They must know the threats that may appear in the initial period and they must be able to prevent them. It is imperative that they know the exact chemical composition of food products, especially those containing carbohydrates, so that they can calculate the dose of carbohydrate consumed each day. Sufficient information was included in the second edition of the book entitled “Optimal Nutrition” from May 1999. For now, this book is only available in Polish and English. Without thorough knowledge, there are risks in self-medicating your diabetes to heal yourself, which can be easily avoided once you know how to do it. Once your diabetes is cured, you must continue to use Optimal Nutrition and your diabetes will not come back.

Best products for humans (arranged according to their biological value)

  1. 💚 Bone marrow, egg yolks, fatty goose livers, veal and pork liver, kidneys, whole eggs, cerebellum, thick broths, caviar.
  2. 💚 Pork meat: bacon, neck, pork legs, head cheese, pate.
  3. 💚 Veal, beef, fatty goose meat, meat and other body parts of other herbivores, all kinds of cheese – the best fatty.
  4. 💚 Butter, goose lard, bacon, pork lard, beef tallow, and thick cream.
  5. 💚 Olive oil, sunflower oil, walnuts, hazelnuts, other nuts and edible oilseeds, milk (only up to 0.5 liters per day) – fatty.
  6. 💚 Fattened duck, fat hen, country chickens.
  7. 💚 Fatty fish: eel, salmon, mackerel, tuna, canned fish in oil, mayonnaise.
  8. 💚 Lean curd cheese, lean fish, turkey – always with a lot of fat.
  9. 💚 Vegetables in limited quantities.
  10. 💚 Sugar-free liquids.

Inedible products for humans

  1. 🚫 Sugar, sweets, honey, sweetened liquids.
  2. 🚫 Fruit and fruit preserves.
  3. 🚫 Rice, groats, grains, corn.
  4. 🚫 Bread and bakery products.
  5. 🚫 Cakes, noodles, flour dishes.
  6. 🚫 Oatmeal, potato flour, pudding, jelly.
  7. 🚫 Peas, beans, broad beans (green beans can be considered a vegetable – it contains 8-10 grams of carbohydrates).
  8. 🚫 Other products of plant origin.
  9. 🚫 Table salt according to taste until no more salt is added to the food, which usually takes 2-3 weeks when salted products become unpalatable.

Note: each non-edible product can be consumed in an amount limited by the carbohydrate content – up to 50-60 grams a day, including all carbohydrates.

The worst carbohydrates are fructose (honey, sugar, fruit, fruit juices) and the best starch (cereals, potatoes).

You can practically eat anything edible in the amounts your body needs, do not overeat. Carbohydrates can be provided with each meal or only one meal a day.

You have to eat fatty foods, prefer the best products for humans, CONTROL ONLY CARBOHYDRATE CONSUMPTION, the body will take care of the rest.

Note: 0.5 liters of milk contains about 23 grams of carbohydrate, which should be included in the daily carbohydrate balance of those who drink milk.

The most important thing in Optimal Nutrition

The main thing is to maintain the balance between the main nutrients in the dietproteins (P), fats (F) and carbohydrates (C).

P : F : C
1 : 2.5÷3.5 : 0.5

The most important thing in the car’s manual is to keep the proportion between the supply of spare parts, oil, fuel and other additives. The human body is infinitely more complex than a car, but the principles of building, handling, and supplying are the same for a car and a person. The best parts to build, long and slow but precise build, the best energy sources and all the additional human components in optimal amounts and proportions, preferably bound in ready-made enzymes in which there are vitamins and minerals (especially micronutrients) they can only be useful for the organism.

In Optimal Nutrition, 1 gram of protein should contain 2.5-4.0 grams of fat and 0.5-0.6 grams of carbohydrates. When the protein is of the highest quality, the body needs half as much, then 1 gram of carbohydrates should be consumed per 1 gram of protein. For obese people who lose weight after switching to Optimal Nutrition, it is better to reduce their fat intake to an average of: 1.5 grams per 1 gram of protein. With intensive burning of own fat, 1 gram of protein may actually contain more than 6 grams of fat consumed and own fat in total. With vigorous exercise, energy requirements increase more than protein requirements, so these people can eat 5 grams or more of fat per gram of protein.

Carbohydrates are needed exactly so that the liver does not have to produce ketone bodies. When you consume 0.8 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight per day, the liver does not produce ketone bodies, but there may be exceptions, and then you should increase your carbohydrate intake to a level that is sufficient for the liver to stop producing them.

Growing children need more energy than too much protein to keep them growing slowly, to mature late, and to be small and light (which is best for these children and all mankind). Therefore, in human milk, 1 gram of protein contains 2-11 grams of fat (butter) and 4-7 grams of carbohydrates, more than 90% of which the body has to convert into fat and only burns this fat. Taking into account the fats produced in the body from carbohydrates, more than 90% of energy, a maximum of 96%, is obtained in the body of a breastfed child in fats. A child fed such milk is healthy, protected against infectious diseases, does not need any preventive vaccinations, cannot have caries in a single milk or permanent tooth. The fatest milk is found in women who eat mainly animal products (shepherds), and the richer the richer the mothers of this nation have more fatty milk and the less protein and carbohydrates in the milk. The nation is richer because nursing mothers have fatter milk than the poor nations. And vice versa.

In Poland, about 3.1 grams of fat in human milk was found per 1 gram of protein, in the USA about 4 grams, in Switzerland – over 5 grams in shepherds (healthy and long-lived) – 9-11 grams. The least amount of fat was found in women in some regions of India, who, like herbivores, produced 6-8 liters of lean milk of little value for the baby. Human milk protein is best for a baby, but the baby needs very little, even as it grows. An adult has to eat more proteins because the protein he eats is not as valuable as the protein of human milk. The proteins contained in hen’s egg yolks are the most similar, but not in the yolks of farm eggs. Also, in 100 grams, beef marrow has 822 kcal, 3.2 grams of the most valuable protein and 90% fat. There is as much as 28 grams of fat per 1 gram of protein.

“Marrow is the most perfectly prepared food for man by nature.”
Galen, the Greek physician

The Greek physician Galen wrote above more than 2,000 years ago. The authors of the Bible also knew about it, who wrote that when people themselves would build the Kingdom of God on Earth, the Lord of hosts would visit the Earth and “invite people to a feast of red wine and fat with marrow, and he would tell them the secret of eternal life.”

The knowledge needed to build the Kingdom of God on Earth was born in Poland and the construction of this Kingdom has only started from the bottom, because scientists and rulers cannot understand this knowledge.

Over 2 million people, mainly in Poland, already use Optimal Nutrition. Not only did they recover, but they turned from slaves to Human. And it is People, not slaves, who are capable of building what is to be built on Earth. Slaves, who give power over themselves also to slaves, only that the clever, cruel and ruthless ones have not yet managed to build the kingdom of God and cannot succeed until they change their slave minds into human minds. And this can only be done by using Optimal Nutrition. There was no other way, there is no other way, and there will be no other way.

Ten Commandments for Beginners of Optimal Nutrition

  1. ✅ Eat as much as you like, not more.
  2. ✅ Try to eat products containing protein of the highest biological value, i.e. the most similar to the composition and needs of your body.
  3. ✅ Maintain the proportions of the main nutrients: protein, fat and carbohydrates – 1: 3-5: 1 (if the proteins you eat are of the highest quality) and 1: 3-5: 0.5 (if the proteins are less valuable).
  4. ✅ Prepare simple dishes, but fully “digested” before eating them with the help of broadly understood culinary processing.
  5. ✅ You should drink as much as you want, but not more. In obese people who react to stress by voracity, after 2-3 months, if they do not lose weight, they can limit the amount of fluids they drink to force the body to produce water from hydrogen contained in fats, i.e. to burn them own fat. The fat camel may not drink for a long time. Skinny must drink. It is the same with man. Drinking fluids should be sugar-free. When they contain sugar, it should be included in the overall carbohydrate intake.
  6. ✅ You don’t need to count calories. It is enough to eat fatty foods, remember about the rest of carbohydrates, your body will take care of.
  7. ✅ Living without movement is not life. You have to keep moving. Increased effort after 1 hour, 3-4 times a week The easiest way is to run or ride a bike. The exercised muscles provide the “electricity” necessary for healthy brain function and the best work of the heart.
  8. ✅ You can and must save on everything, but you cannot save on food For now, thanks to the so-called science, food for the Optimal is cheaper than food in other nutrition models and there is no shortage of it. You shouldn’t “buy products”, you have to buy protein and fat, but buy them cheap.
  9. ✅ You must not “break” the diet. When traveling, on vacation in a sanatorium or hospital, you need to have your own food. For the Optimal ones, it is not bothersome, they do not go to sanatoriums because they are healthy, and they go to hospital dozens of times less often than others, mainly due to accidents and injuries, which also occur much less frequently with them than with others.
  10. ✅ Do not starve yourself or fast. For obese, stress-responsive, voraciousness, when not losing weight, one fasting day a week can initiate fat burning and weight loss. In optimal cases, a short fast does not cause any harm, because the metabolism and the used building and energy components are the same and occur in the same proportions in normal eating and in fasting.

One Commandment for the Optimals. No more is needed

  1. ❌ Don’t be a rascal, you don’t have to be anymore.

Examples of meals for the Optimals

  1. 📃 Scrambled eggs on smoked, boiled bacon, optimal bread with butter.
  2. 📃 Egg yolks with bacon, optimal bread or cheese and egg pancake with butter.
  3. 📃 Omelette of 1 egg white and 3-6 yolks in butter with a tablespoon of plum jam (no sugar).
  4. 📃 “Milk” soup – boil 30% cream, mix the eggs and pour it over the cream.
  5. 📃 Cottage cheese with cream, butter, smoked or canned fish, optimal bread with butter.
  6. 📃 Bigosu (hunter’s stew).
  7. 📃 Baked bacon, fries, vegetables – pickled cucumber, sauerkraut.
  8. 📃 Broth with yolks (3-6-8 yolks) = one-course dinner.
  9. 📃 Red borscht on a thick broth with pate.
  10. 📃 White borscht on the bones with meat, cream, bacon, sausage and hard-boiled eggs one = course dinner.
  11. 📃 Fried ribs, bigosu, fries = one-course dinner.
  12. 📃 Pork neck cutlet, breaded in egg and breadcrumbs, fried in a lot of butter, 1-2 boiled potatoes covered with fat or cauliflower.
  13. 📃 Minced meat cutlet, French fries, vegetables or mushrooms in butter.
  14. 📃 Poultry livers fried in butter, fries, wash down with cream.
  15. 📃 Beef tripe on a very thick, fat broth.
  16. 📃 Noodles optimal with butter, browned tartar, cinnamon, and a teaspoon of sugar.
  17. 📃 Stuffed cabbage in fatty meat (without rice), l-2 boiled potatoes.
  18. 📃 Pork knuckle with horseradish, sour cabbage or bigosu, wash it down with cream.
  19. 📃 Each fatty meat is fried, stewed, roasted, noodles optimal with the fat from under the meat.
  20. 📃 Optimal cheesecake, wash it down with cream.
  21. 📃 Optimal ice cream.

You don’t need to count calories. You have to eat fatty foods and only count carbohydrates so that you don’t get too much or too little of them.

You need to eat as much as you want, but no more. You only need to drink when you want to drink. Liquids should be sugar-free. There may be one beer a day and / or preferably a small amount of alcohol in the evening. Drinking more alcohol on occasions, possibly infrequent, does not cause much harm to the body, is not a big “sin” and does not cause any hangover.

Better not to smoke. If someone has to, do not exceed the dose of 15 cigarettes a day. You must never smoke 40 or more cigarettes a day. At this dose, cigarettes accelerate the development of atherosclerosis (not in Optimal ones) and cause depression.

The Optimal ones are not hungry or thirsty. It should be so, but it stopped because of the so-called “original sin”, so it will be in the future when humans become a healthy and rational species. Optimal Nutrition can be cheap, calorie food is half or less enough compared to people who eat differently, food preparation takes much less time, stools do not smell and stool is several times less than others. The better the food, the less unburned waste in it, the better. The least amount of waste is in the case of Optimal Nutrition, therefore in the case of the optimal and the poop is smaller.

* Text bolding by Tomasz Kwaśniewski

** Text bolding by Knowledge for Freedom + original sin (carbohydrates)


Truth is the agreement of things with knowledge.
(not opinions or what I think)

The above study was one of the main inspirations for developing the value concept based on egg yolk.

The AfyaYai unit (in Swahili healthy egg) is used as a basis for determining the current price of the FIBONACCI Token (ZEN20) and as a value converter.

logo coin
32.938776 AY  
16,450 TZS
 Remaining until the end of the current period 11
6.005284 EUR
26.023900 PLN    6.408249 USD
6.408249 USDT (Tether)
Total amount of tokens: 1,346,269 FIB
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