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Link (code) for installing AD:vantage application

A new person to benefit from the full functionality of the free AD:vantage application needs a referral code. How do you give the person a referral code? Submit the referral code in the referral link Open application on Referral tab. Move the screen below the marketing plan. Click Share your referral link. The referral link is also available at the …Continue reading →

Securing the AD:vantage wallet

In the world of cryptocurrencies, you are responsible for your digital assets and there is no hotline where you can call and report a problem. That’s why you have to secure your private key to your wallet on AD:vantage blockchain. When you have access to the Wallet Secret Code, after installing the application, for example on a new phone, you …Continue reading →

Installation of the free AD:vantage application

Use the referral link. Eg.   On the website (on your phone) copy the reference code CLICK HERE TO COPY REFERRAL CODE Install the AD:vantage application. Click Create new wallet. Enter the result of the mathematical operation (protection against network robots). Paste the reference code you have in phone memory. Eg. Set up PIN to confirm the ADVN transaction. 4-6 …Continue reading →

DasEcosystem May, June, July 2019

Michael Mathias about next three month May, June, July in DasEcosystem. From June many transformations in DasWallet (DasWallet App, DasWallet Pro). Many new features will be introduced. DasWallet affiliate program All structures built in NetLeaders and Excelz will be preserved in the DasWallet affiliate program. Digital assets (DasCoin and others cryptocurrencies) on DasWallet will bring monthly interest. DasMarketPlace and TRM …Continue reading →

Easter 2019

You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you. John Wooden an American basketball player and head coach, called “trainer of all time”, nicknamed the “Wizard of Westwood” I wish you a perfect day And family (no TV), smiling 😀, sunny 🌞, ‘wet’ 🌊 Easter.

DasCoin – payment in shop – AlliancePay

Payment by DasCoin digital currency in the real world. You have DasCoins at your DasWallet on the AlliancePay sub-account. The MasterCard card is linked to this account. You do shopping and the seller receives the payment in the fiat currency in which he issued the price and DasCoins descend from your DasWallet account. A system created specifically for DasCoin does …Continue reading →

Registration in Nasdacoin

You need a referral link to be in a given team, otherwise the system will assign you randomly. A link to our team can be found below: You fill out the registration form. From my experience: in the Name field, enter your name and surname; Login in small letters. You get the activation code on SMS. You set security …Continue reading →

Changes for New 2019 Year

No matter how long you will go to your goal, time will pass anyway. Don?t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use. Earl Nightingale

WATER ECO-PARADISE and Novea LIFE Foundation

Project WATER ECO-PARADISE is a land development plan for the 47-hectare area of land and lakes ? the place intended to guarantee safety, peace and contact with nature as well as possibility to gain knowledge about the health prophylaxis. ?Health through water? Sanus Per Aquam ? SPA The Water Eco-Paradise project uses the technology of comfortable apartments built of Siberian …Continue reading →

Cryptocurrencies – the 21st century ?gold?

New payment technologies The world does not standstill ? it continually develops and brings new sensational ideas,solutions and innovational technologies used by people all over the world. For many years we can observe the development of the payment system independent from banks and governments ? the digital currency called ?cryptocurrency?. Before long the clients of Novea IDEA will have the …Continue reading →