Family is the foundation of society. This is a place where joy should ever shine and peace rule.

The family was created to maintain, strengthen and preserve life.

This is the original social-organization, holy and natural, established in accordance with deep natural laws. The (KfF: natural) laws are unchangeable (KfF: the other laws are invented).

The family: a mother (mom) with children and a father (dad), is the first ‘primal group’, assembled according to the law of Love. This is the cradle through which the continuous flow of the human race passes.

Family is the first joint work & shared-care in life. This is a solid and basic unit of creating conditions for rest in life. We could not imagine any ideal form of social structure without this initial foundation: the family. Outside of it there is loneliness.

For man, and especially for a woman, motherhood reveals the highest joys, a family is a condition for a regular, useful life, through which it serves humanity.

And a rotten family, like a sick cell, can cause a breakdown of society (KfF: and this is what the NWO reptiles are striving for and they are very afraid that we will keep our families healthy, strong and in accordance with the natural law).

Dimkov, P. Folk Medicine

The following concepts are related to the above: nation-state, nation, nationality. It is these concepts and the proper function of the family that the NWO reptiles want to destroy.

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