(update 2023-09-18) South of Dubai, in the desert, an investment is being made that will combine Arab history and science, tourism and entertainment as well as business facilities, all inscribed in the nature of the desert, the starry sky and referring to them. The DESERT ⚪ PEARL Become part of The DESERT ⚪ PEARL. Register […]

Fastlane Millionaire Wealth Commandments

It turns out that in order to build a profitable business for years or even generations, you have to follow certain rules. You can then have a lot of income and a lot of time. In fact, financial freedom is all about time. TIME IS YOUR MOST IMPORTANT ASSET The point is that you should […]

ASSETS and liabilities

Basic concepts of financial intelligence that are not taught in traditional schools, or rather not taught there, but there are different definitions. Below are the two that are absolute essentials and that I recommend to those seeking financial freedom. Assets put money in your pocket. Liabilities take money out of your pocket. Very simple definitions…right? […]

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