Cancer feeds on sugar (carbohydrates)

“Cancer feeds on sugar*. Man doesn’t have to.”
Dr Jan Kwaśniewski
“Optimal Nutrition”
* sugar in the sense of carbohydrates

The description of the cancer mechanism, from a nutritional point of view, starts at 0:58 (Polish language).

Where do cancers come from? Cancer tissue accepts life with such a poor supply of nutrients that no healthy tissue can.

There are no miracles, there is exact knowledge:

To get rid of cancer, you need to stop feeding it. And this can be done without giving him carbohydrates. Sugar is just one example of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates include wheat (the most dangerous), other grains (i.e. bread👹 the most hellish invention in the history of humanity), rice, corn, soybeans, potatoes (I prefer), fruits! (also dangerous, especially the fructose that occurs there), etc., i.e. generally products of plant origin.

The science of Optimal Nutrition (in Polish: Żywienie Optymalne) (high fat, low carbohydrate) deals with the correct ratio of protein to fat and carbohydrates for humans, developed by Polish physician Dr. Jan Kwaśniewski in the late 1960s (announced in 1968).

The base ratio of proteins (P), fats (F) and carbohydrates (C):

P : F : C
1 : 2,5÷3,5 : 0,5

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