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According to the Statute of the Novea LIFE Foundation, our main aims are: ecology promotion, natural environment protection, preventive health protection , propagation of sport and physical culture as well as educating children and youth.

Novea LIFE Foundation will support seniors by taking measures in organizing and financing care and welfare centers for elderly people.

In this respect the Foundation is going to build and run care and welfare centers as well as retirement homes and realize various forms of palliative care.

It is also planned to support initiatives aiming to accommodate infrastructure to the needs of the handicapped people (elimination of architectural barriers within the program ?zero barrier for people with all sorts of handicap?).

Another aim is to organize and financially support social activities, seminars and lectures promoting health prophylaxis and environment protection.

The greatest challenge facing the Foundation is energy-efficient, zero-energy construction with ecological sewage treatment plants and biological treatment water reservoirs (eco-ponds, eco-basins).

Novea LIFE Foundation takes the full responsibility for the ecological management of the 47-hectare area of land and remarkably clean water reservoirs with rich flora and fauna. This area is situated in the centre of Poland and it is of great importance to preserve its natural environment.

Land for investment WATER ECO-PARADISE.

This is an ideal place for the development of services connected with health promotion, recreation, physical activity and leisure. It also enables the possibility of hiring ecological houses together with the wide variety of accompanying infrastructure.

The above mentioned activities and initiatives, which relate to the Statute of the Novea LIFE Foundation, have one goal in common: to create better living conditions for people who take responsibility for their health and wish to live consciously and ethically in harmony with nature.

All these goals and challenges can be realized thanks to the joined action of the group of people highly engaged in the Project and conscious of the key assumptions and plan for the nearest 5 years.

The WATER ECO-PARADISE Project is fully realistic and it is created in the cooperation with various communities concentrated around other projects aiming to create better and more valuable life for themselves and their families.

From the editorial office

Technology from full Siberian pine trees planned for the construction of houses and facilities in the WATER ECO-PARADISE.

On the 1st of October 2018, the Novea LIFE Foundation has been registered to the KRS (National Court Register) under the entry nr 0000750012. Thereby it has acquired the legal personality as a non-governmental organization.

Zbigniew Keller, President of Novea LIFE Foundation and Jacek ‘Hodża’ Paciorek. Novea IDEA Conference, Lodz 2018-11-24

(the above content comes from the article, Polish language, in the 5th issue of the journal “In Harmony with Nature”)

Jacek ‘Hodża’ Paciorek, “In Harmony with Nature” no. 5


Apart from the hotel, health-promoting services and ecological infrastructure, the Project will also create the good investment possibility for people who decide to bound their life for long with this magical place.

We have a rich and interesting offer that can suit your needs.

You can be the part of this remarkable investment that will provide us with new possibilities of recreation and pro-health activities connected with the smart prophylaxis based on the traditional methods of the complementary medicine.

Contact regarding investment details in WATER ECO-PARADISE:

Jacek ‘Hodża’ Paciorek
+48 727 907 885

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