WATER ECO-PARADISE and Novea LIFE Foundation

Project WATER ECO-PARADISE is a land development plan for the 47-hectare area of land and lakes ? the place intended to guarantee safety, peace and contact with nature as well as possibility to gain knowledge about the health prophylaxis.

Land for investment WATER ECO-PARADISE.

?Health through water? Sanus Per Aquam ? SPA

The Water Eco-Paradise project uses the technology of comfortable apartments built of Siberian pine that perfectly suits our motto:

?Live healthy and ethically in harmony with nature?

The houses are planned to be:

  • Smart-Eco
  • Zero-energy
  • Zero-barrier
Primary land 2018.

The Water Eco-Paradise offers the future residents more than just a house. Our aim is to create a place for people who know one another, spend time together and their mutual help comes from sympathy and cordiality instead of mere sense of duty.

The place will guarantee peace and quiet together with possibility to use the whole infrastructure.

The object will comprise:

  • eco-basin
  • a bathing beach
  • playground for children
  • sport field and tennis court
  • bicycle paths

Moreover, the hotel objects will offer the health-promoting services within the scope of diagnostics, parasitology and rehabilitation.

The object will be also equipped with the vast gymnasium ? an ideal place for organizing a few-day workshop for a group of people.

From the editorial office

(the above content comes from the article, Polish language, in the 5th issue of the journal “In Harmony with Nature”)

Jacek ‘Hodża’ Paciorek, “In Harmony with Nature” no. 5


Apart from the hotel, health-promoting services and ecological infrastructure, the Project will also create the good investment possibility for people who decide to bound their life for long with this magical place.

We have a rich and interesting offer that can suit your needs.

You can be the part of this remarkable investment that will provide us with new possibilities of recreation and pro-health activities connected with the smart prophylaxis based on the traditional methods of the complementary medicine.

Contact regarding investment details in WATER ECO-PARADISE:

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Jacek ‘Hodża’ Paciorek
+48 727 907 885

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