What is in the so-called tests and the so-called vaccines?

Not only tests and vaccines. The whole system for depopulation and enslavement.

Do you have a free choice? Can you pick one side of the coin where the main sewer “conspiracy theories” are, or the other side where there are other “conspiracy theories”?

  • nano-dust on “test swabs” and more
  • how nano-dust technology works in conjunction with the Internet 5G
  • CRYPTOCURRENCIES to pay slaves based on their activity
  • what is an mRNA “vaccine”
  • side effects of vaccination
  • anaphylactic shock
  • as for that … AIDS and … Africa’s debt
  • science as a weapon against us
  • many other “conspiracy theories” … could it?

You will not catch the virus, you will have it if a cell in your body is poisoned!


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