BSM Self-Healing Method

BSM – the name and the abbreviation of the full name, which in Polish means “Bio-emanative Linking with the Brain (Polish – Bioemanacyjne Sprzężenie z Mózgiem).

Bio-emanation – the radiation emitted by living organisms.

Treatment is performed by placing one’s hand (or another part of the body) on one’s head, over the proper centers of the cerebral cortex that control the afflicted part of the body. The radiation emitted by the living cells of the palm stimulate the centers to begin the process of self-healing.

“Natura sanat, medicus curat.
Nature heals, the doctor watches.”


B.S.M. method invented in 1974 by a Pole, Eugeniusz Uchnast, a colonel of the Polish Army.

Remember, the B.M.S. method saves health and lives! You must try it for yourself!


After the medical consultation, new Indications and contraindications and General remarks have been added to the book.

Any deviation from the instructions in these chapters will endanger your life and health.

The above quote comes from the introduction to the book.

My practice

Prophylactic positions I and V. I’m using a minimum of 20 minutes everyday.


The BSM method replaces expensive drugs and expensive treatment, i.e. it is available to the less well-off. Everyone can use.

“Natura sanat, medicus curat.
Nature heals, the doctor watches.”


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