The way of thinking generates results

More and more research is being conducted, indicates that your results depend on how you think and what about you think. Are these new discoveries ???

I will ask Henry Ford (1863 – 1947), a man who made a fortune to help an enormous amount of people move freely.

portrait Henry Ford 1919.jpg
“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”
Henry Ford

So what do you think? You can or you can not

As you think, you have it. That’s how you build the world around you. And that’s how you get results in what you do. It all depends on what you think.

The Strangest Secret

And now a few examples of thinking.

It was November when we registered the LTD companies on the “old” rules:

  • I can – I have a great opportunity to talk about the benefits that MM Business gives my clients;
  • I can not – eeee there, I will wait when everything goes back to normal and I will take care of it.

It is December, then we register LTD companies despite the fact that changes are coming from the New 2015:

  • I can – it’s great for the end of the year, a great time to shut down in Poland, forget about something like the Smoke Utilization Plant, get out of the US dependency and finally run a business instead of subsidizing … This is an amazing opportunity to talk about the benefits that companies will give LTD and LLC to my clients;
  • I can not – eeee there, now the saint is coming, who will talk about business there, everyone is buying presents and they are worried about money. I’ll wait, after the New Year, I’ll take care of it.

It will be January, when all signs in the sky and on earth indicate that there will be Poland, the European Union, Great Britain, USA, Dubai, Hong Kong and people will continue to run business:

  • I can – Hurray New Year, a new life, what a great period to raise the business of my old and new friends. Immediately I will talk to them about how it is when only once a year that accounting documents are filed in London and you have GBP 10,000 of the tax-free amount;
  • I can not – hell, everyone is recovering after New Year’s Eve, 10th they have to pay ZUS, they will pay taxes in Poland by 30 April. What a dead time, I will go find some work, I will certainly find one …

And in 10 years, how will your life look like:

  • I can – write down where you will be;
  • I can not – eeee there, I do not want to write anything and do nothing. And then I can not understand why others have and I do not.

This is such a quantum model.

I can, I have energy, I focus on what I want. And where attention is focused, energy flows and results appear.

I can not, I mean nothing, I’m dissipating the energy that I have, I use it for everyday matters (drifting). I do the same as before and I expect that life will suddenly look different … and here it is still the same …

Is it so bad? Since you’ve made it to the end of it … you can

PS Returning to November …

I can – I have earned more than twice as much as in the best of the previous months in MM Biznes …

I can not – eeee there, it’s just an exception confirming the rule …

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