Mind over matter (epigenetics)

A new look and understanding of the interdependence between living organisms, the environment – and the influence of thought, perception and subconsciousness – in expressing the healing potential of our body.

Epigenetics is the emerging knowledge about the primacy of mind over matter.

For example, over the subject of compulsory vaccines, chips, 5G. War always has two sides and each is able to come up with a counterweight to the actions of the other side.

The current dogma about gene determinism (the basis for bigfarm) is opposed to epigenetics, i.e. the influence of the environment and mind on the reactions in our cells, i.e. on us.

Epigenetics review

Bruce Lipton – “The New Biology – Where Mind and Matter Meet”

The electromagnetic field: high voltage transmission lines, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G have an effect on you if:

“If you are under stress, electromagnetic fields become very specific and can modify your biology. If you are not under stress, the fields will not affect you.”
Bruce Lipton
basics of epigenetics

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