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The Company Limbic Arc

Founder and Chairman of Limbic Arc, Dr. Vaughn R Cook developed multiple computer-based systems used by healthcare professionals around the world. The most recent is Limbic Arc. You can use it on a computer, tablet and smartphone.

The limbic system is a group of structures in your brain that control things like behaviour, motivation, long-term memory. It’s considered the oldest part of your brain from an evolutionary point of view.

The Limbic Arc got its name because of its ability to spark the connection between the old brain and the new brain. Making information that’s available at a subconscious level more meaningful at a conscious level.

Everything in the universe is energy and our bodies physically respond to energy. Limbic Arc technology is designed to help facilitate energetic responses!

Limbic Arc software libraries contain collections of virtual ingredients, called InfoBoosts, designed to energetically address inflammation, your immune system, mental focus, increased energy, and much more.

100% Exclusivity

Limbic Arc has no competition and the only way to access these quantum-energy wellness products is through your monthly subscription: US$99/mo

Monthly Limbic Arc subscription includes:

  • Dr. Cook’s Quantum-Energy Pre-Built InfoBoost Library
  • Boost Ingredients & Essential Oils
  • the ability to create your own custom InfoBoosts

The Limbic Arc Affiliate Opportunity

Limbic Arc is dedicated to providing you with the most robust and fair compensation plan in the industry! They have developed a compensation plan that pays out a full 50% of every gross dollar that comes in each week. They show you exactly where every penny is going.

Compensation Plan Basics:

  • A full 50% of every gross dollar is paid out weekly
  • Absolutely zero breakage designed into Sales Compensation Plan
  • Receive up to $20,000 per week from our “Non-Flushing Binary” pay plan
  • Receive up to 3 generations of “Weekly Check Match” with no earning cap
  • Powerful weekly “Retail Rewards Pool” to incentivize new-subscription sales
  • Our weekly “Leadership Bonus Pool” rewards all leaders
  • Rewards and recognition as Affiliates advance in rank

The Limbic Arc Sales Compensation Plan empowers you to create the future you want!

With the Limbic Arc Friends & Family Plan, you can add up to eight family members, friends, or Customer/Affiliate prospects to your account for only $10 each, per month. You can reassign a Friends & Family Plan account to anyone at any time, making it a powerful tool for demonstration and recruiting purposes.

Web application Limbic Arc

The Limbic Arc has two pieces. The first piece is a library of informational fields that exists on the Internet cloud. This library contains information about natural substances like vitamins, minerals, herbs, essential oils, things like that.
The second piece of the Limbic Arc is an app that you download onto your smartphone. You might think of the app as a smart library card that gives you access to the library in the cloud.
The Limbic Arc app gives you the ability to login into your account and access the online library. In the library, you can select items or collections of items, then you can set the triggers you want, and activate your selection. We call this an InfoBoost.
InfoBoost is started by VIBRATING YOUR VOICE. NO contraindications. It can be used by any person, both PROPHYLACTICALLY and for HEALTH STRENGTHENING.
Once you’ve activated your selection, the online library adjusts the information fields to be specific for you and then focuses that information directly to your energy field. This happens because of a process called entanglement, and it happens between the online library and your app.
Your body is built to process information. In fact, all life process required information. You might think of the InfoBoost as the set of plans used to build a house. The plans are technically not the house, but it’s impossible to build the house without the plans, or the information that’s contained on the plans.
The InfoBoost is the plan for the item that it represents or the plans for the items that you would include in your InfoBoost. And the InfoBoost is there to give your body information to help it operate smarter.
When the collection is activated, e.g. Calm the items in the collection (lavender, rose oil, curcumin) are activated. This items are sometimes referred to as quantum products. And their energy fields are modified to be specific for you and are then focused to interact with your energy field. Once activated, you should pay attention how you feel.
By taking a scan of the body through the app, you can find out all the levels and deficiencies of hundreds of key substances needed for life such as minerals, amino acids, hormones, heavy metal levels. Complete digital homeopathy and acupuncture is also available.
The program length for an InfoBoost is eight days. During this time, you should pay attention to how you feel. Things that happen energetically are often felt and so it’s important to pay attention to those feeling.

Limbic Arc – Quantum Physics for Health

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