5 Billion Sales invitation

Each of us uses the Internet and unconsciously or more consciously “sell” data about activity, to the giants of the e-commerce market: Google, Facebook, Tweeter, Amazon, YouTube … who then sell this data to other entities that create advertising targeted on clients. This is how the business world works and provides the products and services we need.

You can take part in it more consciously and earn money thanks to the services provided by  5 Billion Sales . It consists in:

Monetization of existing Internet activities

which you and 5 billion people do daily and routinely.

It’s good to have a financial stake in it, after all, you are selling data about your activities on the Internet anyway. 5 Billion Sales wants to pay you for it.

  • The opportunity to earn a big share of $500 billion US Dollars commission.
  • $400 passive income (every year).
  • Affiliates get paid $100 commission (every year) to give the service away to users.
  • Up to 16 levels $5 commission.
  • Affiliates are not paid to join  5 Billion Sales .

In the pre-launch phase, the system is intended for builders (active partners). We invite ordinary users after the system launches. Those who are not active will be removed from the structure within two weeks after the launch if you doesn’t choose how you want to cooperate with 5 Billion Sales.

To be active you must have as minimum one referral.

This is network, as big is your network as much you get paid. Network is POWER!


You must visit (login to website of 5 Billion Sales) once a week.



After launch of the project you will get opportunity to define preferred method of payment. Will be also crypto.

The Math Behind Downline Overrides

More information soon …

5 Billion Sales invitation

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