48 hours ⏳

The rule in force in the Prussian army. The officer could punish the soldier who committed the offense not earlier than after 48 hours. When the emotions subsided, and they turn on first (because emotions are the subconscious, your Low Self – see Huna), and the officer was still convinced of the punishment, then he could impose it.

I personally translate it into decisions made in my life. Many times I wanted to take some action immediately but… I blocked it for 48 hours. And it works. After 48 hours, the world looks different and most often (but not always) your decisions and ACTIONS! will be different, thus protecting you and others.

“The best remedy for anger is procrastination. Hostility immediately disappears if one of the sides renounces it.”
Seneca the Younger
(4 BC – 65 AD) Roman philosopher

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