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Registration in NetLeaders, purchase of licenses

Registration in NetLeaders

Ask a person who will introduce you to the NetLeaders community for its referral link.

If I am this person then I recommend that you first contact me (contact). You can also use the link below immediately:

I manage multiple accounts that belong to many companies so you can see different names in the field: Enter Sponsor username or Promo Code

You can also ask for the name of the account of the introductory person with whom you will register and enter it in the field: Enter Sponsor username or Promo Codeon on the registration page:


REMEMBER AND CHECK! that in the field Enter Sponsor username or Promo Code is the name of the introductory account of your Sponsor.

First you choose the account type:

  • Personal
  • Company

Registration of Personal account

Registration as a company representative

You fill in the registration form:

  • Username – you will use it to log in and it appears on your referral link
  • Password – must be between 8 and 100 characters
  • Confirm Password
  • Company name (in the case of a company account)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email – your preferred e-mail. Gmail works very well or use your company e-mail)
  • Cell Phone Number – in the following format: +, Country Code, Area or Operator Code, Cell Phone Number. e.g. +15417543010
  • Country

You select the following three checkboxes:

  • Agree with the Terms & Conditions, Rules & Regulations and Privacy Policy
  • I’m 18 years old or older
  • Send me updates – NetLeaders will send current information to your e-mail

click REGISTER to send data from the form

You check the given data again in the control window:

  • you select the checkbox at the bottom I confirm … that the given data is correct
  • click CONTINUE

A request to check the e-mail from NetLeaders is displayed:

There is a Confirm Your Account link, which you must click to confirm the account creation.

Purchase of NetLeaders licenses

You log in to NetLeaders

with your data:

  • Username
  • Password

  • you see the list of licenses:
  • choose the desired license and click on CHOOSE with this license
  • you select the checkbox at the bottom, i.e. you agree with the terms of the license
  • the Advocate status selection window is displayed. Strongly recommends !!! to take this option (in the promotion for EUR 45), check the box at the bottom
  • you select the checkbox at the bottom, i.e. you agree to the terms of Advocate
  • you see a window with payment options
  • you choose the form of payment for the license. To pay from Poland I recommend Dotpay. Other option you can check here
  • for Dotpay in the next window you choose your bank and provide your name, surname and e-mail address
  • you log in to your bank
  • you confirm payment
  • you are returning to the NetLeaders account

CONGRATULATIONS !!! Your NetLeaders license has been purchased and is active.
Your sponsor will put your account in the structure of Partners i.e. in the network tree

The next step is to set up the WebWallet – the wallet for your cycles and DasCoins.

See articles about DasCoin

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