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Registration in Nasdacoin

You need a referral link to be in a given team, otherwise the system will assign you randomly. A link to our team can be found below:

You fill out the registration form.

From my experience:

  • in the Name field, enter your name and surname;
  • Login in small letters.

You get the activation code on SMS.

You set security and generate addresses of NSD and BTC wallets.

You define a security PIN, which you will confirm some operations (including the purchase of subsequent contracts, operations on the NIOX internal exchange, exchange of commissions in USD for NSD).

You write down 9 key words, necessary to make changes to the account’s security. You download these keys to a disk in a text file (DOWNLOAD WORDS).

You enter 9 key words again.

From my experience:

  • you write uppercase, as it was given.

You create a Nasdacoin (NSD) and Bitcoin (BTC) wallet by clicking CREATE.

CONGRATULATIONS !!! You already have an account created on the Nasdacoin platform. Your referral link is also active at the top right of the Dashboard.

Google Authenticator

I recommend right away setting up 2-step authentication with Google Authenticator (2FA – Two-factor authentication). It will be necessary when you will buy the first investment contract. It will also be required when you login in.

You download the Google Authenticator app to your phone.

to be continued …

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