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Projects on Das33 platform

Greenstorc – Power from Heat


Only four out of 38 clean energy technologies are currently on track to meet long-term climate, access and pollution targets worldwide, according to International Energy Agency figures. Enter Greenstorc. We can create clean energy from any heat source, anywhere in the world. And we?re ready to help fill the gap. The Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology we use is long proven, with the first commercial plant dating back to 1904. ORC is the main process used to drive a turbine to generate power from heat sources. We have improved on this technology to make it more efficient and now want to combine it with shallow geothermal heat probes to create a new, better solution.

Greenstorc project ready for Das33 lift-off


Start 2018-09-07 23:00 CEST

2018-09-09 21:34 CEST

Less than 48 hours and the first pool or Pre-Sale (+ 100% bonus) STORC tokens are almost sold. It can be said that this is a good result for the launch of the new Das33 platform.

Pre-Sale is selling tokens for EUR 1.5 million. Rounding DasCoina’s price to 0.05 EUR, we have 30 million DasCoins invested.

Since the price of DasCoina has not changed, it means that the NetLeaders Partners used the DasCoins they had.

All sales of STORC tokens should be worth EUR 5 million. At this price DasCoina and assuming that we pay only DasCoin, there would be a demand for 100 million DasCoins. A lot.
From the next phase (First Round + 67% bonus) STORC can be purchased also by Bitcoins …

PS Now, just like logic … if Greenstorc will gain even 30 million DasCoins, it will be able to monetize them, that is, sell on the stock market … where the laws of demand and supply work …

Runda 1

Pre-Sale ended after about 60 hours. EUR 1.5 million was obtained from the sale of 1.5 million STORC tokens. Greenstorc gave every investor in the Pre-Sale phase a 100% bonus, which was an additional 1.5 million STORC tokens.

My contrubution

I’m working on introducing our projects to the Das33 platform:

  •  WATER PARADISE (Polish WODNY RAJ) – a complex with health and recreation and tourist services, located in the very center of Poland on 47 ha with self-sufficient energy facilities;
  •  Hotels Koronowski – investment project for the development of network of hotels with standards from 3 *** to 5 *****.

Soon more information.

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