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Payments accepted DasCoin

Every NetLeaders license holder has access to DasWallet, where he can manage his own assets:

  • webEURO (w?);
  • cycles;
  • DasCoin.

The public address of the DasCoin account is visible in HotWallet. At this address the customer can transfer the amount in DasCoinach shown on the invoice.

On other public exchanges, DasCoin accounts usually have a double address:

  • the DasCoin address of the cryptocurrency exchange;
  • address of a given user on the cryptocurrency exchange – memo field or tag.

Transfers as payments can be made in any combination between the portfolios of users on the cryptocurrency exchanges:

  • seller;
  • customer.

Note: on the DasExchange, you have access to through DasWallet, there is additional hardware security in the form of Validator. Without it, no one can confirm any transaction. You will not see your DasCoin address in DasWallet until you have set up and synchronized your Validator with your DasWallet, after activating HotWallet.


Exchanges with DasCoin (DASC)

Companies accepting DasCoin payments



Novea IDEA


More companies soon.

Projects and services accepting DasCoin payments

Fenix CashFlow Project

Other services coming soon.

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