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Opportunities from NetLeaders licenses

Opportunities from NetLeaders licenses

NetLeaders licenses are the key to the entire DasEcosystem.

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Cycles – in NetLeaders license you buy cycles (goods). Cycles are units of value in DasEcosystem. You can use the cycles to purchase services shared in DasEcosystem. The first such service is the DasCoin cryptocurrency. From March 31, 2017, you can transfer your cycles to DasCoins, which you can currently use for payment (tests under AlliancePay based on MasterCard).

Smart Business Tools (SBT) – current business tools (also available for previously purchased licenses) are added to every license, for use in any business, helping in communication with clients, or Customer Relationship Management (CRM). They include:

  • SmartBusiness – the ultimate marketing and communication system
    for small businesses.
  • SmartTools – the ultimate social networking and team building system for professionals and private individuals.
  • SmartHour – a one-hour one-on-one consultation with a trained CRM professional.

The higher the NetLeaders license, the more licenses for business tools. You can resell them. The market value of licenses for business tools exceeds the value of the NetLeaders license itself. See details on the source page:

Travel vouchers – from September 2018 will be included with every NetLeaders license. Their value is to be comparable to the value of the license. At the beginning you will get a voucher worth 500 EUR. See also DasMarketPlace.

You can resell your vouchers or transfer them to other entities / contractors. Their use generates a commission, paid to your DasWallet, also when you use them yourself.

AlliancePay – each NetLeaders Partner will have access to payments directly from DasCoin using MasterCard cards. The network of payment terminals servicing MasterCard is over 40 million worldwide. With Visa, it’s over 60 million.
Payment tests by the AlliancePay system run from 2018-06-30 and are available to the 500 Top Leaders who were invited to the NetLeaders Summit in Barcelona.

Other Partners will receive cards in the first quarter of 2019.

Services based on DasCoin blockchain

The largest profits from the following services will have NetLeaders Partners, ie people with NetLeaders Licenses.

Das33 – a platform for releasing new TAO token (Tokenized Asset Offerings), i.e. cryptocurrency based not on its own blockchain, in this case on the DasCoin blockchain. Tokens on Das33 will go through a different procedure than Initial Coin Offering (ICO) tokens released mostly on the Ethereum blockchain.
The token is used to collect funds from the community interested in the implementation of the proposed project, in which it will participate in the future, i.e. it is a variety of crowdfunding.
Each NetLeaders Partner has the right to submit his project based on a token for the Das33 platform. After initial acceptance, an advisor is assigned with which details are refined: business plan, White Paper, milestones, etc. Such a refined project is forwarded to the NetLeaders’ Council, which finally gives its opinion. When there is a green light, the technical implementation of the token release follows:

  • companies with their own technical / IT resources prepare an emission token;
  • companies without their own IT resources use NetLeaders’ support, for which they pay in cycles.

The project is still under the control of NetLeaders and each stage (milestone) is checked and announced by NetLeaders.

In the event of stopping the project (for various reasons), unused cycles are returned to investors, which is why it is a very safe solution, unlike ICO at Ethereum blockchain, where in 2017 48% of projects failed, investors lost all funds.

The first TAO token is expected to be available at the beginning of September 2018, another 4 at the end of September 2018.

Information about new tokens, and therefore the ability to buy them at the starting price, will have NetLeaders Partners. In the second round, the public offer. The third stage is the exit to the stock market and obtaining liquidity.

Procedures for submitting new projects are to be available at the end of September 2018.

Projects on Das33 platform

DasMarketPlace – an on-line store connected to DasWallet, where the goods and services listed will be bought directly for DasCoiny. Ultimately, there will be thousands of products. So from the DasWallet level you can do shopping for DasCoin.

The first product is to be travel vouchers as early as September 2018, which will allow you to get big discounts at cooperating travel agencies. DasMarketPlace will be treated as one LARGE corporate recipient.

The next product will be cold pressed juices already sold on the market under the brand name “natur.” and in DasMarketPlace will be available under the brand created for NetLeaders, or “danku”. Participants of the Global Summit of Top Leaders of NetLeaders in Barcelona had the opportunity to taste these juices.

Juices “natur.”. Global Summit of Top Leaders of NetLeaders. Barcelona 2018-06-30.

DasRewards – as a Partner of NetLeaders you can submit and enter a new entity to DasMarketPlace. With the sale of its products you will receive part of the commission charged by DasMarketPlace, i.e. you have the possibility to build your passive income. Commissions will be paid directly to your DasWallet.

DasNetApp – an all-in-one smartphone app, that give you access to NetLeaders accounts, DasWallet, the ability to search for communication connections, booking tickets, taxis, etc., etc. in one application.

At the end of 2018.

DasNetAppPro – DasNetApp application extended with tools for doing business, that is for entrepreneurs.

DasPay – own, worldwide payment system created in cooperation with Carta Worldwide. Directly DasCoin payments in real time through the DasPay application, which you as a NetLeaders Partner will have on your smartphone. It will be a system independent of payment terminals and thus of Visa and MasterCard systems. Any vendor who wants to use DasPay will install the DasPay application for sale. Why they will do it even if they already use terminals:

  • definitely lower commissions than when using terminals. Cost reduction;
  • resources at the seller in real time (seconds). Key when running many businesses;
  • much more security because the entire payment system is based on blockchain technology.

Start of implementation on March 30, 2019.

Fashion blockchain – the latest ultra-efficient DasCoin blockchain technology will be used to develop a new blockchain for the fashion industry in DasNet to provide a cost-effective way to secure projects and authenticate original products.

Start at the end of 2018

See the DasRoadmap

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