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Market capitalization of DasCoin

What is DasCoin’s capitalization?

You can rate it like that. DasCoina price today (2018-01-09) on the DasExchange market 0.52 EUR

The number of minted DasCoins 452 558 500

The data is on the NetLeaders website

That is 452 558 500 * 0.52 = 235 330 420 EUR = 281 051 758 USD

So at Crypto-Currency Market Capitalizations

DasCoin would place today (2018-01-09) on 113 positions.

It is worth noting that the last 24 hour turnover on the DasExchange market has increased several times already exceeding 600,000 EUR = 714 857 USD

At Crypto-Currency Market Capitalizations, it would place DasCoin at the end of the first hundred.

And where do you want to be with your DasCoins?

NetLeaders licences

Contact me so that we can determine whether this business is for you, how it can benefit you, how to start and lead it.

Source of information

All information about NetLeaders – the global community that has access to the DasEcosystem and about the cryptocurrency DasCoin and #blockchain DasCoin come from official sources (founders, directors, websites, conferences, presentations, etc.), were prepared based on the knowledge of the author obtained at source and presented in the best intention in a manner corresponding to the well-known author reality.
The basic source of information about #DasEcosystem are official materials:

See: Articles of DasCoin

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