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Major differences of top 3 cryptocurrency with blockchain technology

👉Major differences of top 3 cryptocurrency with blockchain technology💪

@Bitcoin V.1.0 👍
@Ethereum V.2.0 🤗
@DasCoin V.3.0 🤑

👉Short Summary Below👇

1. Transaction Speed🕒
@Bitcoin – More than 30 Min🚲
@Ethereum – 15 Seconds🚗
@DasCoin – 6 Seconds🚄

2. Transaction Per Second🔁
@Bitcoin – 3 tps
@Ethereum – 20 tps
@DasCoin – 100,000 + tps

3. Security🔒
@Bitcoin – Not Secured (Hackable)🔓
@Ethereum – Not Secured(Hackable)🔓
@DasCoin – Fully Secured with Hardware Wallet (Validator)🔐

4. Blockchain Platform 🔗⛓🔗
@Bitcoin – No platform
@Ethereum – ERC20 (Most important reason for scam ICO or Coins)
@DasCoin – Das33 ~ TAO (Token Assets Offering) (Fully KYC approve system for everyone)

5. Own Exchanger💱
@Bitcoin – Dont have own exchange
@Ethereum – EtherDelta (Very complicated to use) (Public Key, Private Key, Gas Price)
@DasCoin – DasExchange (Already running successfully as DasWallet ~ Very easy to use)

6. Usage for Utility Token🛒
@Bitcoin – No chance in future (Bcz of slow speed and high transaction fees)📱❌
@Ethereum – Not possible for utility📱❌
@DasCoin – DasPay (Digital Payment System)
(Specially Designed for Converting Crypto to Fiat Currency Instant by Carta Worldwide)📲✅

7. Who Need Mining 🤔
@Bitcoin – Bitcoin need mining bcz slow transaction and need to verify the transactions.(Need High Electricity, Graphics Card, RAM, Processors)😱
@Ethereum – Ethereum mining iEthereums important for Transactions🧐
@DasCoin – No need of Mining bcz of High Speed (DasCoin do Minting, Where no third party involved)🤫

8. KYC Importants📑🖇
@Bitcoin – No Kyc (Thats why gov. Is not giving green signal to bitcoin easily)📑✖
@Ethereum – No KYC (Fully anonymous) Due to Ethereum ERC20 many ICO and Coins going to Scam.😱📑❌
@DasCoin – Fully KYC Important (Mobile Number, Email, Gov ID, Address Proof) Without KYC noone can enter in Das Ecosystem (New Token Companies as well as Investors)👍📑✅

9. Smart Contracts😎🔗
@Bitcoin – No Smart Contract Service
@Ethereum – Low Smart Contract Service
@DasCoin – Facility of High Smart Contract (Exchange your cycles for smart contracts services)

If you have any doubts, plz make your own research👍

Official Websites for Reference👇

DasCoin Blockchain 👇


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