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Guideline for AD:vantage promoters

4 videos where you can get all necessary information how AD:vantage works and how you can benefit from AD:vantage.

Concept of Shopping Limit (SL) & ADVN Coins

How AD:vantage App works

AD:vantage offer to online & offline Merchants

How World Promoters could earn with AD:vantage

Events of  logo AD:vantage

New events coming soon

Install free AD:vantage application

Attention: in AD:vantage you do not have to pay anything to start earning cryptocurrency ADVN. You can get the money you need completely by engaging your own work. You’ll decide on the use of additional opportunities later.

By using the link below you will receive 10 ADVN (5 EUR) after installation of application:

QR link

Your reference code to paste into the application
(allows access to all functions)

QR code

Installation instruction on the blog (step by step):

The source of information

All information about AD:vantage application and about blockchain and cryptocurrency ADVN comes from official sources (founders, directors, websites, conferences, presentations, etc.), they were prepared on the basis of knowledge of the author obtained at source and presented in the best intention in a manner corresponding to the well-known the author of reality.
The basic sources of information are official materials:

website AD:vantage

World and City Promoters registration

Merchants registration

Summary of information

Benefits for application users:


Benefits for Merchants:


Business disclaimer

Each investment and business is associated with the risk of loss. When you decide, buy only as many digital assets (Top-Up cards, ADVN coins, Shopping Limits) as you can afford !!! REMEMBER !!! also that the lack of your actions is also a risk … losing potential profits.
And the most interesting thing about AD:vantage is that you can have ADVN coins and Shopping Limits (SL) for free  i.e. your financial risk is then ZERO.

Find out as much as possible and calculate what the potential profits may be based on blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency trend, especially using the ADVN cryptocurrency in commercial project AD:vantage.

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