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Das33 – beta launch

Das33 – an innovative way to bring your ideas to life and support projects you truly believe in.

Tokenized Asset Offerings (TAO) introduces a new quality and security for investors in a very important and promising market. The international community should soon appreciate the enormous potential behind this solution.

The name of the Das33 platform comes from the 33 main nodes on which the DasCoin blockchain is based.

Each Das33 user can create his own project, promote it and finance its development. Members of the NetLeaders community can support it, contributing to its realization.

The first presentation of the platform 1st September 2018.

The first project (beta project launch) 7th September 2018.

  Das33 Beta Pre-Sale

  Beta Crowd Sale

  Das33 Official Launch

Major Expansion in DasRoadmap Update

Anyone who has a DasWallet founded and has passed KYC verification, can support projects presented on the Das33 platform. Instead, it receives shares proportional to the contribution.

“What I want to introduce is a new format that doesn?t align with either the utility token paradigm or the security token format which is also very new. There will be more detail of the exact nature of this when we introduce the first beta project for Das33 on September 7 and we are right on schedule for that.

Das33 will have unique features. This is a curated platform, only very select projects are going to be presented. We hope to see an incredible alignment of interests. There would be clarity over the value of the reward you receive ? you are being paid in a verifiable, predictable, defined way. You can verify what you?re owed and I think it?s going to be an enormous category.

I think it will trigger a lot of ideas so that by the end of September Das33 will be a very robust, interesting platform full of great projects. I think there are immense possibilities and that it will really transform early-stage venture financing.”

Michael Mathias
CEO DasCoin Limited


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