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Cryptocurrencies – the 21st century ?gold?

New payment technologies

The world does not standstill ? it continually develops and brings new sensational ideas,solutions and innovational technologies used by people all over the world. For many years we can observe the development of the payment system independent from banks and governments ? the digital currency called ?cryptocurrency?.

Before long the clients of Novea IDEA will have the possibility to pay for their orders with the aid of AlliancePay and MasterCard connected with the DasWallet system.

From the barter trade, through coins, banknotes and payment cards, we come to the solutions based on smartphones which are commonly used for communication and at lately also for payment transactions.

In the year 2019, the DasPay system, connected with the DasCoin cryptocurrency, will be launched. Due to this, the clients of Novea IDEA, who have the DasPay application connected to DasWallet system, will be able to realize their payments in the DasCoin cryptocurrency.


  • independence from the traditional payment systems (f.e. banking systems)
  • very high safety of keeping assets, thanks to the blockchain technology
  • fast transaction confirmation: 3 seconds in the DasCoin blockchain
  • predicted growth of DasCoin value, based on the historic data of other cryptocurrencies and the growing value of the whole DasEcosystem, to which DasCoin belongs
  1. everybody can be registered in Excelz ? the registration link will be sent by the Novea IDEA office
  2. after the licence purchase we can gain DasCoin cryptocurrency which can be further on transferred to our DasWallet (virtual wallet)
  3. in order to pay for our products, we can transfer DasCoin cryptocurrency directly from our DasWallet to the DasWallet of Novea IDEA
  4. in future, the possibility of making payments by scanning the QR code with the aid of the Smartphone application

Explanatory notes

DasPay ? the DasCoin payment system

DasWallet ? the virtual wallet for the safe-keeping of DasCoin

Blockchain ? a distributed database, the distracted register of transactions

QR Code ? the bar code enabling the record of the great number of data. The quantity of data possible to record in the one code is variable

DasCoin is the part of DasEcosystem which offers a lot of solutions – they will be presented in the coming editions of ?In Harmony with Nature?.

Cooperation between Novea IDEA and Excelz

Excelz is the community using the services of DasEcosystem and rewarding its Promoters (Advocates) who build this system. Their task is to create good image of the new cryptocurrency ? DasCoin taking advantage of new possibilities and at relatively low cost.

For the benefit of all Partners, we have joined the forces of Excelz and Novea IDEA communities, because both projects, with their innovative programs, help people looking for better solutions for the future.

We would like to invite all partners to benefit from our services and products.

Let us take a chance that can be one and only. More information about the cooperation of these two projects and how you can profit on it, is to be found at the stationary meetings and webinars. About the coming up events you can read on the website, bookmark ?Events?.

Jacek ?Hodża? Paciorek


WATER ECO-PARADISE is the Project of Novea IDEA. It comprises a building complex intended for the health and recreation services and situated in the 47-hectare area in the centre of Poland. The houses, made of the Siberian pine, will be constructed on the basis of the ecological, energy-efficient technology. Every active Partner of Novea IDEA will have the possibility to benefit from this Project according to the number of points he gained in the Novea IDEA rebate program.

The Project will be financially supported by the concerned community (crowdfunding) with the aid of NoveaIdeaCoin token at the Das33 platform which is the part of DasEcosystem.

The token owners willing to benefit from the Water Eco-Paradise, will gain bonuses enabling them significant cost reduction. They can also profit from the growth of value when the Project enters the stock exchange.

(the above content comes from the article, Polish language, in the 5th issue of the journal “In Harmony with Nature”)

Jacek ‘Hodża’ Paciorek, “In Harmony with Nature” no. 5


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is water-eco-paradise-mark-whzn5.png

Apart from the hotel, health-promoting services and ecological infrastructure, the Project will also create the good investment possibility for people who decide to bound their life for long with this magical place.

We have a rich and interesting offer that can suit your needs.

You can be the part of this remarkable investment that will provide us with new possibilities of recreation and pro-health activities connected with the smart prophylaxis based on the traditional methods of the complementary medicine.

Contact regarding investment details in WATER ECO-PARADISE:

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Jacek ‘Hodża’ Paciorek
+48 727 907 885

Jacek 'Hodża' Paciorek

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