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CoinBene ? exchange with DasCoin (DASC)

DasCoin (DASC) is to be listed on CoinBene, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

“Public trading is a crucial part of the DasCoin journey. We are very excited about listing on CoinBene, which has quickly become one of the world?s largest cryptocurrency exchanges.”
Michael Mathias
CEO DasCoin Limited

CoinBene is a Singapore-based exchange that has grown very rapidly in recent months. CoinBene is less than a year old, and yet has been consistently listed on CoinMarketCap?s Top 10 Exchanges during the past two months.

CoinBene on CoinMarketCup 2018-08-03 01:08

DasCoin start on the first public stock exchange on: The Evolution of Money, an event held at the London O2 Arena on April 27, 2018. At that time DasCoin was listed on CoinFalcon, BTC-Alpha and EUBX.

Jacek ‘Hodża’ Paciorek and Michael Mathias. Global Summit of NetLeaders. DasCoin start on public exchanges. London 2018-04-28.

Exchanges with DasCoin (DASC)

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