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Binary tree NetLeaders (DasCoin)

Binary tree in NetLeaders is another opportunity to earn by recommending a license for mining of new cryptocurrency DasCoin.

Subsequent referrals put in the left or right leg (structure). Ask your sponsor which leg he develops and it will be your Power Leg. So in order to balance you need to build the opposite leg. Which will be stronger you can not to evaluate at this time.

Clicking the icon of Partner’s License you can see the tree under him.
To use the binary bonus (10% of the Weak Leg) you need to have direct referrals partners in the left leg with the licenses minimum 500 EUR and the same branch of the right. Eg. 5 * 100 EUR or 1 * 500 EUR. Binary bonus is settled every week. Week ends on Sunday at midnight CET.
Important Notice. To start using the Matching Bonus you need to have a direct referral partner left with a license for 500 EUR and one direct referral partner right with the license for 500 EUR.
Condition for Matching Bonus simultaneously meets the requirement for the commission of binaries.

Gifts for Christmas and beyond

Buying a license of mining DasCoin cryptocurrency can be a gift for Christmas or to celebrate the name day, birthday, anniversary etc. Gift take effect in June 2017. when DasCoin will start to sell on the stock exchange. It can also activate a gifted person to act in NetLeaders and the same get additional earnings of DasCoins (40% commission) and cash (60% commission).

NetLeaders licences of minting of DasCoin

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