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900 EURO weekly at NetLeaders

You enter new Partners who buy NetLeaders licenses to minting coins DasCoin. Reach high. The organization of each meeting with potential partners needs statistically the same amount of time. So if you want to earn more money at the same time you must have the attitude on the high result. Therefore, if you need weekly 5000 EUR on the left and 5000 EUR on the right. This can be achieved simply, quickly and paradoxically, through the sale of two licenses at 5000 EUR.

Direct sales bonus

10% on direct sales of NetLeaders licences:

  • 5000 EUR on the left gives you 500 EUR commission
  • 5000 EUR on the right gives you 500 EUR commission

Network Bonus

10% on weak leg volume. The legs are equal and therefore:

  • 5000 EURO on weak leg gives you 500 EUR commission

Total Bonus

500 EUR + 500 EUR + 500 EUR = 1500 EUR

Principle 60/40

60% commission in EUR.

60% * 1500 EUR = 900 EUR

what was to be demonstrated 🙂

40% commission in cycles that increase your amount of DasCoin in the future.

40% * 1500 EUR = 600 EUR in cycles.

The number of cycles depends on your license and the frequency lock.

See mathematics of DasCoin at NetLeaders.

Note: The above fees are only part of the opportunity to make money on building a user’s community of network DasNet, which will use modern technology blockchain of cryptocurrency DasCoin.

NetLeaders licences of minting of DasCoin

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Jacek 'Hodża' Paciorek

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