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January, 2017

Bronze Agent Atlantic Global Asset Management

Congratulations for the Partner of Questra World 2017-01-28 12:41 Dear Jacek, Congratulations on the reaching of the new 2nd agency level – Bronze Agent. You together with your team totally scored 3 000 euro. Now you’ll earn much more, due to the new percent rate of return on the second level – 7%. We remind you that in order to reach …Continue reading →

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DasCoin White Paper

Michael Mathias about DasCoin White Paper DasCoin White Paper is available on your NetLeaders account. Register: Contents Abstract Introduction Key Design Features Hybrid Features Key Objectives Definitions Transaction Ledger Decentralized Consensus High Speed Node Network Middleware Hardware Infrastructure Software Infrastructure Licensing System On-boarding WebWallet DasCoin Minting Blockchained Internal Exchange Governance of the Network Global Parameters Audit and Integrity Verification Adoption and Compensation Conclusion NetLeaders …Continue reading →

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NetLeaders Leadership Event in Hong Kong 2017-01-13,15

Leadership Event Hong Kong, Jan 13-15. 2017 Ultimate blockchain new generation do far more applications than just financial. Possible total withdrawal from circulation of paper with an extremely secure, cryptography security. Blair Baker’s presentation in Hong Kong 2017-01-14 NetLeaders Conference in Warsaw 2017-01-07 Soon further information … NetLeaders licences of minting of DasCoin See other articles about DasCoin

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900 EURO weekly at NetLeaders

You enter new Partners who buy NetLeaders licenses to minting coins DasCoin. Reach high. The organization of each meeting with potential partners needs statistically the same amount of time. So if you want to earn more money at the same time you must have the attitude on the high result. Therefore, if you need weekly 5000 EUR on the left and 5000 …Continue reading →

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